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About the Artist

"Jeganathan Ramachandram, an established name in the art industry in Malaysia has been an active participant in the local art scene for more than a decade. His intuitive ingenuity and free spirited nature is the very foundation that has allowed him to produce great art works.His paintings are characterized by sublime images that seek to express the deep rooted impressions of the super conscious mind. Hence, every painting of his has a story to tell."

In devotion...a moment with Pillaiyar

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An exhibition of Ganesha paintings is not something new in Symbols House of Natural Art. The gallery has been holding similar exhibitions for the past three years. It is a special way of paying tribute to the single tusked lord for his presence in our lives.

To artist Jeganathan, Ganesha is the ultimate manifestation of creation and an astonishing combination of the best of four worlds – the best of the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, stones and human beings. The product is a spiritual entity which is being worshipped all around the world.

The aim of this exhibition is to enable Ganesha devotees from all walks of life to be able to appreciate Ganesha in various moods, emotions, colours and forms.

Jeganathan does not practice a definite style for this series as everything is drawn from what he “sees”. None of the Ganeshas were drawn using reference, models or existing artworks. The paintings are done through a somewhat meditative state where the images are drawn without any self influence but with a spontaneous and natural flow.

The only specific approach is the medium and technique used for the works. Most of the works are mainly done using acrylic on canvas. He also uses dabbing technique, a very distinctive technique and style of his.

Some of the paintings are embedded with precious, semi-precious stones and 24 carat gold. Stones and gold has always been used in traditional Indian art as they have the strength to absorb and release energy, making them a good conductor.

Upon a client’s request, Jeganathan plays a family’s name (raga) using a veenai and places special stones accordingly. The stones, together with the colour and the form of Ganesha would release positive vibration which would enhance a home greatly. The artist also offers consultation on the placement of a painting in a home.

As none of the works are repeated or duplicated, every buyer is assured that their piece is an original art work which holds its own investment value. However, more than the financial game, having Ganesha in a house would only be an added auspiciousness.

The paintings are priced from as low as RM 600 to a few thousand ringgits as Jeganathan feels that this would be a good opportunity for art lovers to purchase their favourite piece at affordable prices. However, more than that, Jeganathan hopes that this exhibition would be a good point to create awareness among the society.