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About the Artist

"Jeganathan Ramachandram, an established name in the art industry in Malaysia has been an active participant in the local art scene for more than a decade. His intuitive ingenuity and free spirited nature is the very foundation that has allowed him to produce great art works.His paintings are characterized by sublime images that seek to express the deep rooted impressions of the super conscious mind. Hence, every painting of his has a story to tell."

18@8, 1 Malaysia : Beyond The Canvas

Date: 7 December - 31 December 2009.

Official website:

18@8 showcases highly enticing and individualistic approaches working within a similar theme. To break the boundaries of working within 2-dimensional mediums, the artists have taken the challenge to work beyond the confines of the canvas, or painting. This marks an opportunity for viewers to see different facets and the versatility of the artists embracing fresh approaches, similar to the public’s newness to the concept of 1Malaysia.

Title: The Elephant Man

Size: 152cm X 182cm

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Title: Traffic Light
Medium: Acrylic on recycled wood
Size: ( L) 259cm X (w) 76cm X( ht) 121cm