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About the Artist

"Jeganathan Ramachandram, an established name in the art industry in Malaysia has been an active participant in the local art scene for more than a decade. His intuitive ingenuity and free spirited nature is the very foundation that has allowed him to produce great art works.His paintings are characterized by sublime images that seek to express the deep rooted impressions of the super conscious mind. Hence, every painting of his has a story to tell."

Stepping On Corals Will Destroy Them Forever

Venue: Help University College
Year: 2006
Commissioned by: Help University College & Dragonet Diving for Project AWARE.

Corals are very sensitive and they take a long time to grow. However, even one accidental flap of a diver's fin can destroy it forever.

This worrying fact initiated a campaign to educate the public. Held by HELP University College, local dive centre, Dragonet Diving and Symbols House of Natural Art joined hands to make this campaign a success. The campaign was in conjunction with the marine conservation international project campaign named Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education (Aware).

The four-day campaign, themed 'Stepping On Corals Will Destroy Them Forever', was to create awareness and educate the public and their students on protecting marine life, especially corals.

The heart-shaped kolam depicting the marine life ecosystem like corals and sea creatures, designed by Symbols House of Natural Art's artist, Jeganathan Ramachandram reflected how a single touch or even an accidental swipe of the feet on the design could destroy the beautiful motives, a grim reminder that coral reefs suffer the same consequences as well.

The kolam took about five hours to construct.

The team members and their kolam.

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