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About the Artist

"Jeganathan Ramachandram, an established name in the art industry in Malaysia has been an active participant in the local art scene for more than a decade. His intuitive ingenuity and free spirited nature is the very foundation that has allowed him to produce great art works.His paintings are characterized by sublime images that seek to express the deep rooted impressions of the super conscious mind. Hence, every painting of his has a story to tell."

A Path and A Meeting

An art exhibition themed "A Path, and A Meeting" by two big names in the art field, Yeoh Jin Leng and Jeganathan, was held at artist Jeganathan's loft studio in Brickfields.

While Jin Leng focused on his main subject, Rasaleela with Krishna as the main subject, Jeganathan's works were more on yogic postures and Wu Li, the science of the Chinese Masters.

The opening of the show had dancer Ramli Ibrahim performing an odissi on Navarasa. Each artist had six of their works displayed. The exhibition received a good response from the public.

Jeganathan's Paintings

Title : Within All
Medium : Acrylic

Title : In Oneness
Medium : Acrylic


Yeoh Jin Leng's Paintings

Title : Rasa Leela 1
Medium : Acrylic

Title : Rasa Leela 2
Medium : Acrylic

Video of the Exhibition's Opening
(click to play)

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